Confessions of an old fashioned snob



Several years ago someone in an internet forum defined me “an old-fashioned snob”. The very moment I read that definition I pretended not to take it as an insult although I confess that it irritated me. This week, when I found in tumblr this picture of Sophia Loren and Stephen Boyd and I’ve used it as a background of my cell phone I’ve realised that indeed that person was right but, I’m sorry my dear wherever you are, if you pretended to insult me you have missed your goal. I take that definition about myself with pride.

I have a natural tendency to reveries and to have my mind wherever but in the present. Therefore, as far as my cinema, literary and music tastes are concerned, I usually go backwards. If I start following a series I do it when it’s over or at least three seasons after the first airing (there are exceptions, of course).  I “discover” actors and actresses after ten years or more of carreer. I’ve started reading Game of Thrones saga when the fifth novel was published. I’ve also read more classical literature than the actual one and I have no idea which songs are now the top of the pops (by the way, does it still exist, the top of the pops?).

So far about the “old fashioned”. Regarding my “snobbism” … I am a very passionate person, and when I like something I’m overenthusiast about it, and talk of it wherever and whenever I can. But I don’t do it to boast myself about it, to say to whoever is listening (anyway, most probably reading… but that’s another story): I’m learned, you’re ignorant. I  do it because is so appalling, so beautiful what you feel when a novel, a poem, a painting, a film, a performance touches you and makes you feel better that I want everyone I know to feel that way.



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