Why do I buy originals (most of times)


Disclaimer #1 – This is just my personal opinion on the matter. I’m not making proselitism (that is, I don’t want to convince anyone to cancel the torrents program from their computer).

Disclaimer #2 – To continue with religion: who has not sinned throweth the first stone. I have a number of illegally-downloaded films, tv series or books. Although the percentage is a minority in my libraries, but I have them.

Disclaimer #3 – For the time being I can afford this expense. Should I lose my job, my good intentions go to, as we say in Italy “farsi benedire” (I don’t quite understand why being agnostic this post is full of religious references). The fact that I am the woman of the Western Hemisphere who spends less money in clothes and shoes, helps also to be Amazon’s customer of the month-year. But, regarding also the economic side of the issue, at least as far as my personal experience is concerned, those who have never ever bought a film in DVD and have about 1 TB of downloaded ones, could afford to buy at least half of them.

Once finished the disclaimers, let’s starts with the reason, as, summarising, is only one.

RESPECT. For the work of all the people involved in creating a piece of entertainment and art. It’s like if when you go to pick up your wages your boss tells you: “do you want to be paid? are you crazy?” Behind a movie, a tv series or a book there are hundreds of people that you will never see walking a red carpet but that with their work and talent have made you laugh, cry, enjoy… Are they to work for free? Entertainment is not made only by great corporations but also by smaller companies, as Naxos Audiobooks, for instance.

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