More than four months have passed since I came by “North & South” and discovered Richard Armitage. Sounds funny that “discovered”, it reminds me a joke of Roberto Benigni in his film Non ci resta che piangere , when teasing Colombo because he has “discovered America” (no big deal, because the Indians were already there): “is like if I go to Puglia (region in the south of Italy) and say “hey! I’ve discovered Puglia!” but its inhabitants are there from two thousand years!”

Therefore, more than four months have passed and I’ve had enough time to watch all his works (due also to the fact that many tv series are available in youtube) but I have not done it yet, because I always rewind and watch again “North & South”. The final scene of “North & South” is so poetical, beautiful and touching… I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve seen it, Richard and Daniela are perfect in their roles and the scene, although is completely different from the novel, is as moving as the lines written by Margaret Gaskell.

I’m so glad to have discovered Richard Armitage from John Thornton, that character has become something like a permanent basis, a safe harbour. I sail to other destinations, but I always come back to him.

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