John and Lucas


Me: John, I have to tell you something

John: But we are late, my dear. The Slicktons receive today and he made me promise to call. Pray, tell me.

Me: John, there’s another man.

John: What???

Me: I have here his portrait, look. His name is Lucas.

John: What are these signs in his skin? Is he a sailor?

Me: No, he’s not. Those “signs” as you call them were made when he was kept prisioner. In Russia.

John: The Tsar would never detain against his will any subject of His Majesty.

Me: It was not the Tsar… Well, at least not the one you know.

John: Who cares about the Tsar anyway. Are you telling me that you prefer a sailor, a convict or whatever he is to the most prosperous manufacturer in Milton? You have always been rather eccentric, madam, but… Six months. Only six months have passed since we made our acquaintance… THIS is something I will not tolerate!

Me: But I’m not abandoning you for him. I mean, I always thought that you would be my favourite one, I can’t explain it to you, but…

John: But what?

Me: He is as special as you are. I know you won’t believe me but you… and he… are the same person.

John: Indeed, according to this weird moving portrait…

Me: a gif… it ‘s called a gif

John: Yes, I must confess that there is a certain similarity.

Me: And I promise you, nothing will change between us. Trust me.

John: Well, you would not expect me to remain indifferent to this most extraordinary piece of news.

Me: Believe me, I was surprised also. And I have seen just two chapters…

John: Enough! Save me the details. If you say that nothing will change between you and me…

Me: Promised. So… what was Slickton so anxious about?

John: He wants me to invest an absurd quantity of money in a new project, something about mixing chemicals with fabrics… “Synthetic fibers”, he calls them.

Me: You should accept that proposal.

John: Why?

Me: I can’t explain you that either. Just say yes.


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