If this is madness, prince, then I must say that there is method in it


Tumblrpost_IoAs the subtitle of my blog says, tumblr is great for many things but not for text edition. The comments I have received so far to my above post deserve one of their own.


The first kind answer comes from richardiana. I’m not quite sure if the impossibility of redemption is a bad piece of news but I agree completely that I am in good company (that is what the ‘method’ of the post title is about).


microlina replies with a laconic “of course”, as if we are in front of a cogent argument or the gravity law. The inexorable connection between almost everything and “him”. And, talking about facts, here it is the absolute veredict


of mrsjohnstranding. Indeed I am. As we all are.


richardcfarmitage replies with that absolutely delicious gif but at the same time makes a couple of questions. First of all: chutney was great. I have spread it on “pecorino romano” cheese and it was a delight for the palate as Richard is for the senses of hearing and sight (unfortunately I will never be able to experience his touch and smell… nor palate… uhm, delicate subject, let’s not go further into this). The second question: you are right, indeed it is not such a bad thing, isn’t it? As we say in Spain, “que me quiten lo bailado”, which translated literally means “try to steal me what I have danced”. I’m not quite sure if it renders the idea in English. It is used to say that things that we have enjoyed in life will always form part of us.


notallwhowanderarelost (great nickname which reminds me that I must give Tolkien a second chance after more than thirty year) insists, as richardiana does, on the good company. Which indeed it is. I will not say that I agree or like absolutely everything I see or read in tumblr or wordpress but I must THANK, with all my heart, ALL the group of RA army members and well-wishers that I follow for one thing. The fact that the amount of idle gossip that I have read about Richard Armitage during these months equals to… zero. I don’t know if it is something that from a certain point you all have agreed to do or that it is due to your common sense (which is often the less common of senses). I just can say that I am very grateful to you for not having posted absolutely anything of that kind. I don’t care about the private life of the actors and actresses I admire. Their private life is their own and once the cameras are switched off, the red carpet is rolled up, or they walk fifty meters away the artists’ door their life belong exclusively to them. A concept that to me is basic and natural but that unfortunately is not followed by many fans of other actors. That’s why we all are not fans but well-wishers, are we?

Tumblrpost_6th_SisMy friend Sis nails the concept of the post… who cares of confectioned food!

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