Recurrent unpleasant dream

It repeats every now and then. I dream that I have not completed my college studies (I guess I carry on a guilty complex for finishing them very late), that I have an exam and that, of course, I have not studied for it. To make the sensation still more irritating the fact that the exam is not in any subject I could apply in a little bit of imagination or readings (history, literature, etc etc) but things as Maths or Physics. Then, when I am about to wake up filled with anguish my head recollects that I have that piece of paper in the wall signed by the dean in the name of King Juan Carlos stating that I already  have a BA. I guess I’m a little bit messed.

4 thoughts on “Recurrent unpleasant dream

  1. I have a similar dream re: high school. English and Math are scheduled at the same time and for some reason I never go to the Math class. The teacher tells me I can take an exam to get out of Math, but I can’t find my locker with the textbook in it.

    1. Great minds nightmare alike? 😉 Because I have forgotten another detail which is the same one of your dream: I have never even gone to a single lesson of the subject of the exam and there are always some miracolous notes which would grant me to pass the exam but that are impossible to find.

      1. I always have this fear that if I find the textbook in the dream, it won’t matter b/c I won’t understand it …

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