The Ulisses series





crucible-ulyssesGif3crucible-ulyssesGif2Set of editions of the rehearsal stills of Old Vic Theatre “The Crucible” mixed with several passages of Valerio Massimo Manfredi’s book “Il mio nome è nessuno – Il ritorno”. Another step into my obsession for seeing Richard Armitage playing the role of Ulisses.

PS. Click in the pictures for a full-size HQ view


5 thoughts on “The Ulisses series

    1. Thank you! Although is quite simple to do beautiful things with such a “raw” material. Unfortunately the letters of the gifs look “weird” in the post, better to click on them.

      Those Valerio Massimo Manfredi’s books seem written for Richard Armitage, most of all the second one which talks of the mature Ulisses. He should be so perfect for the role but I guess it will be just a dream and will enjoy his acting skills elsewhere. Not in theatre, unfortunately (deep sigh crying inside).

      1. It’s what I call “Two Martini Casting.” I think he would make a fantastic Odysseus. Especially in that scene with Nausicaa on the beach…

  1. Oh, it’s true! Well, I adore making Two Martini Castings 🙂

    I would like to see the farewell to Circe and when he meets Penelope after killing her suitors. His relationship with Circe was complex, she was a woman as intelligent as he was, it’s exactly like him but with a gown (ehem, sorry, a longer gown, given the times 🙂 ), and he feels irresistibly attracted to her but he knows he has to go away from her.

    And, when he finally faces Penelope she misplaces him. He remains shocked because she does not run into his arms and cry of joy; she is absolutely angry with him because she is practically the last one to know who the misterious beggar is. She thinks that Ulisses has not trusted her and she can’t forgive him that.

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