Sons and Lovers – D.H.Lawrence

She was grieved, and bitterly sorry for the man who was hurt so much. But still, in her heart of hearts, where the love should have burned, there was a blank. Now, when all her woman’s pity was roused to its full extent, when she should have slaved herself to death to nurse him and to save him, when she would have taken the pain herself, if she could, somewhere far away inside her, she felt indifferent to him and to his suffering. It hurt her most of all, the failure to love him, even when he roused her strong emotions.

I am so very proud to be an “old fashioned snob”. Before starting to read “Sons and Lovers” I peeped the reader’s comments in anobii. The first comments, in Italian, insisted on how boring this novel was. I am simply adoring it, I love the psychological research, sometimes I am quite a maniac when I write (when, that’s the question) in trying to explain how the characters feel, and D.H.Lawrence is simply a master in this. But maybe it depends also on how old you are when reading a certain novel, I remember reading “Women in Love” when I was about twenty-five years old and I don’t have a single memory (positive or negative) about it.


2 thoughts on “Sons and Lovers – D.H.Lawrence

  1. I find him kind of overwrought, myself, but I always think being on a compulsory reading list puts a writer at an automatic disadvantage with me.

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