The Charming Voice (of This Charming Man)

Convenient marriage

Each audiobook narrated by Richard Armitage is like the metaphore of life and chocolate boxes according to Forrest Gump’s mum: “You never know what you’re gonna get.” When you think you have heard every possible kind of voice, there pops a new unexpected flavour. Today, after hearing a few minutes of Georgette Heyer’s “The Convenient Marriage”, once more the magic trick is created and, there she is, the stammering girl. When I define RA’s voice charming, I mean it in both senses: charming as delightful but also as “magic trick”.

There he sits Mr. Armitage in his chair (I hope comfortable and big enough 😉 ), in front of a microphone and… voilà! The toothless sailor! Ooopla! The teenager stammering girl! Presto! The drowsy gentleman! Sim-sa-la-bim! The Machiavelian Danish!

I have tried to remember famous voice charmers, but just two women have come to my mind, Cleopatra and Sherezade. The list must be updated certainly with our Charming Man.

PS. Thank you Mr. Armitage for tha association of ideas that has linked your voice with “The Smiths”. I hadn’t heard them for a while…

So, ask me, ask me, ask me,
Ask me, ask me, ask me

Because if it’s not Love
Then it’s the bomb, the bomb, the bomb,
the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, the bomb
That will bring us together

If it’s not Love
Then it’s the bomb
Then it’s the bomb
That will bring us together

So, ask me, ask me, ask me,
Ask me, ask me, ask me
Oh, la…


4 thoughts on “The Charming Voice (of This Charming Man)

    1. Indeed. This is the third audiobook of “the couple” I’m listening, after “Venetia” and “Sylvester”. I’m always impressed of how he makes you actually feel that you are in front of several people, it’s incredible. Pure magic created only with the writing and his voice, no sound effects needed. He is an incredible actor. I’m so glad and happy for him that thanks to “The Crucible” critics finally take him seriously, he has worked so hard for it.

      1. Yes, this may be a turning point in his career. He certainly deserves the praise. I don’t need to see “The Crucible” to know that. Will you be able to see it, or have you?

  1. No, I have not and will not 😦 I must confess you, now that nobody is listening 😉 I guess it is better like this for my psychological balance; I’m quite certain that I would be too shocked after such an experience (and I’m referring to the play itself, I would never have the courage to go to the stage door).

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