Loneliness in the stage

crucible stage

This is the precise moment of the Anglophile Channel video (my edit), that has made me a profound impression. It has reminded me a tango called “Garganta con arena“, or also, “Vesti la giubba” of “Pagliacci”. The loneliness of the artist and his devotion to the public: “audience is applauding, and even if you are dying inside, they don’t know your suffering”.

Vesti la giubba,
e la faccia infarina.
La gente paga, e rider vuole qua.



6 thoughts on “Loneliness in the stage

  1. Thank you for this. The ending of Marlise’s video really moved me. I haven’t seen the play yet but his body language–still in the moment of being the broken John Proctor and the humility as a performer–made me both thankful and proud of this dedicated artist we all love so much. He feel him taking in the moment of receiving the audiences’ applause and I hope he is happy of the evening’s work.

    1. I completely agree with you, thank you for your kind comment. Humility is the key, the awareness of seeing finally his hard work and commitment repayed.

    1. Indeed. In that image seems like if he’s carrying the world in his shoulders but it’s a weight he’s longed to bear for so long. I’m sure this is just the beginning and that he has nothing to envy, regarding acting skills, to the gentleman he shares header with in this blog.

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