I had the firm intention…

… this weekend to try to assimilate the RAvalanche of news, pictures and sensations (Crucible vids, photoshots, those big big big big boots, Lord Rule, the sexiest voice in a very long list of irresistible incredible velvet warming voices) without watching “new” material, but today and tomorrow one of the tv cable channels broadcasts Miss Marple’s “Ordeal by Innocence”. Therefore my spirit of sacrifice and my intention to obtain my Ph. D in RA studies oblige me, most unwillingly, to suffer tonight in front of the screen, hoping Marple’s chapters to be broadcasted in double audio. I am still deeply shocked by the dubbing of his Peter McDuff in Shakespeare Retold. Don’t panic, nothing could be worst than the dubbing of Into the Storm. (EDIT: it IS definitely worst, but at least that channel has the double audio)

Updated July 14th 2014
Updated July 14th 2014

Things to do tomorrow: write a “done” in Miss Marple.

EDIT NR 2 (considerations after watching the film) – Another condensed-RAxhibition. I would like so much to know what RA made everytime the director shouted “cut” and considered that the shoot was good. My bet is that somewhere in the set there was a punching ball or a relieve room where he could kick, punch, smash and/or shout in order to discharge himself of all the tension accumulated as Phillip Durrant in his wheel-chair. His devilish smirk is highly sexual-provocking (no wonder why Mr. Durrant was a “trombeur de femmes-and-of-sisters-in-laws”). To conclude with this high-profile review, I have realised that the improvement in the beauty of Mr. A with age regards not only the face and the body but also the hands, they look definitely better now than in 2006.

PS. I have read the Emmy’s nomination list. Needless to say my bet for best dramatic series, leading actor and actress.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in House of Cards. Picture from OST booklet
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in House of Cards.
Picture from OST booklet

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