Spooks season 7



never-know3never-know4(gifset of Lucas North) last scene in Chapter 8 – Season 7

My dear father always told me, when I was a teenager, that if I learned my lessons as I learned songs I would be the number one in school. Unfortunately I did not. I always have had a serious relational problem with my laziness, it always wins, or most of times. The anecdote about my father has come to my mind because if he could see the diligence with which I’m taking my RA studies he would make a joke about it. I would tell him that everything depends on how much do you like the object you’re studying and I will give him the example of my college studies: the mediocre student in economics who suddenly gets A+ and cum laudes in English and American literature. The reason was simple: I don’t like numbers but adore literature; the fact that I work in an office dealing mostly with numbers is one of the many jokes of life.

After the usual inward-looking intro, let’s write about the theme of the post: Spooks season 7. As usual my first comment will be a frivolous one: after my adored John Thornton, Lucas North is the second appropriately-dressed chaRActer. In the other series I have seen, seems that Richard, as in the famous 20 seconds Hobbit interview, asks constantly where his stylist is. I have seen him wearing absolutely horrible clothes (I’d like so much have a nice chat with the person who dressed him in “Moving On” or “The Vicar”) even if the part (John Stranding would have not been reliable at all dressed as Lucas) did not ask it.

As far as the series is concerned, is well written, the cast is awesome and the scripts work. I am not very fond of that camera effect imported from the USA series “Law & Order” in all their different versions, what I call “the trembling camera”. It makes me nervous and I’m always tempted to stand up and tie the tv screen. Regarding the character of Lucas North, it is almost impossible not to like him from his first appearence in screen. I am particularly fond of soul-tormented characters, and Lucas is. A man who loves so much as to renounce forever to his love for his love’s sake. The chemistry with Paloma Baeza, who plays Elizabeta, breaks the screen; the way he smiles, holds her neck and kisses her would turn the Milo’s Venus from marble to flesh.



But Lucas is not only made of renounce and suffering, but of witty sharp humour, as we can see in his lines with Ros. And adores William Blake, is kind with old ladies and salutes the russian colleague with the same majestic comradeship with which (I guess) Wellington saluted Napoleon after Waterloo. Wait a moment… I’m imagining now Richard playing prince Andew Bolkonskij of War and Peace. This post is interrupted until further notice, I must find my smelling-salts.


4 thoughts on “Spooks season 7

  1. Totally agree, clothes included 😉 I’m glad RA decided to buy some of Lucas garments. Sadly he cannot go around the world dressed like Thorin 😛
    And concerning Lucas… one of my fave RA characters. The scenes with Elizabeta let my heart bleed.

    1. Thank you for your comment! 🙂

      Well, Richard dressed as Thorin and without the prosthetics should be something worth seeing! 😀

      Yes, and the scene when he goes to her house and then leaves as soon as he hears her husband coming. Snif!

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