It takes time


IMG_1118The new arrivals to Barsine’s mansion have caused a little bit of havoc. The price to “best sport” goes definitely to hubby who, after a first annoyed glance to TC poster, has adopted Stanislavkij’s method and pretends not to see it. Unfortunately for him, this morning in Sky Cinema 1 there was a fifteen minutes special on “The Hobbit DOS”, as the film will be broadcasted by that channel from August 25th. When Richard was interviewed (with his gorgeous voice dubbed and no chance to hear it in original audio) hubby could not avoid an almost umperceptible grimace. As I’m conscious that the arrival of TC poster would hurt the feelings of a man already weakened by some health problems, I had already decided this weekend to be a very-low-profile-RA one, pausing for a while my RA studies. But, as the saying goes, I was overwhelmed by circumstances.  Some of the intervews I’ve seen today appear here, Richard included (warning – watch at your own risk as the voices are dubbed)

Nevertheless, who is not happy at all at home this weekend after the arrival of Maggie and Beta, is our “veteran cat”, that we call “mamma”. After a first reaction phase of anger demonstrated by hisses, miaows and a couple of feline-uppercuts, she is now in this state:

"Mamma" a little bit depressed
“Mamma” a little bit depressed

I would like so much to have Maggie and Beta with us from now on, but if “mamma” does not cheer up we will have to find another family for them. It hurts to see her in this state when her natural one is this, running, jumping on the table and yearning to be cuddled. She’s so offended that she does not jump in my lap anymore when I’m writing but stays in our bedroom, laying in bed.





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