Once more!

Tom Hiddleston as King Henry V in “The Hollow Crown” (my screencap)

Once more unto the breach! Once more! Oooops, sorry, a quotation has interrupted today’s pippa mentale mental rambling. So, once more, I have dreamt with the university and that I went to the lessons without studying. I am quite tired of this kind of dreams, honestly. They don’t have a saucy extra as for instance an English teacher as a certain Vice-Principal on screens now (first rule of Wormwoodscrubs blog: always mention Richard Armitage even without purpose). Last night’s dream was packed with weird things though; I arrived to the university using the subway, even if my real university was at a walking distance from home. I took that subway, and, even if there was a blackout and everything was pitch black, completely dark, I arrived safely to destination (I will have to ask Mr. Sandman how can work a subway train without electricity). I then tried to reach the floor where my class was but the lifts were broken (I guess that all this sequence of broken devices is a metaphor of Italy) and had to walk up the stairs. It was just one floor, nevertheless. No, don’t look me like that, I’m not so lazy, I don’t take lifts/elevators for just one floor! Finally I arrive to my floor, I know that because some faces of the students ring a bell. They are all busy with books and reading notes. “Have I missed something?”, I say to one of them. “Oh, yes the grammar interrogation about irregular verbs!” And we are not talking of English verbs, but suddenly of Spanish ones. That is the usual moment when I start to think “this is a dream – I already have my degree – look to the wall, there it is, look Juan Carlos I, Rey de España, y en su nombre el rector de la Universidad de Valencia declaran…” and indeed after an effort I wake up and remember that I don’t have to pass exams anymore. Because I don’t… do I?


6 thoughts on “Once more!

  1. There aren’t as many irregular Spanish verbs, if I remember correctly — but no, you don’t have to take any more exams, literal or metaphorical 🙂

    1. Frankly speaking, I’m Spanish and I can’t even tell you which are the irregular verbs! 😀 But it was a crazy awkward dream. Really? Are you sure? Uffffff (big sigh of relief) 🙂

      1. I can confidently say there are fewer irregular verbs in Spanish than either in German or English, although, of course, I didn’t have to learn the English ones. What was confusing to me about Spanish verbs was the persons — ones attached to verb forms that you only need to know for Spain, for example, but not for México, or only if you’re reading books from the 16th century. Luckily Spanish speakers are very tolerant.

        I remember thinking the day after my doctoral exam that I didn’t care if I failed — I wasn’t taking it or any exam ever again. But I dream a lot about impending calculus exams in high school.

  2. It’s amazing how many people dream of being back in school and having to take exams. Maybe it means you are worried about something? In any case, I did not know about this Hollow Crown. Must take a look…

    1. I guess that this recurrent dream is related with the fact that it took me a great deal to have my BA. I thought I already had it but due to a mistake in the calculation of my previous economics credits I had to take three more exams when I was already here in Italy working; I needed two years to make something that in usual circumstances would have taken me only a semester.

      “The Hollow Crown” is a jewel. A BBC short series aired in 2012 about four of Shakespeare history plays: Richard II, Henry IV (parts I and II) and Henry V. Awesome cast, Ben Whishaw plays Richard II, Jeremy Irons Henry IV and Tom Hiddleston Henry V. Packed with incredible actors, James Purefoy (the Mark Anthony of our beloved “Rome”) plays Mowbray in Richard II, Sir Patrick Stewart plays John of Gaunt, Simon Russell Beale plays Falstaff. The series has a very broad fan base and BBC has announced another Hollow Crown for next year, with the plays Henry VI and Richard III. Benedict I-take-all-the-roles Cumberbatch has been hired to play Gloucester-Richard III but no other cast choices are known yet. We well-wishers hope and pray for RA to have a part in it, would be simply awesome.
      “The Hollow Crown” is surely a must-watch series. 🙂

      1. Jaw-dropping cast! Thanks for the tip. I’ve just added it to my Netflix queue.
        I can understand about the dream, then, because that must have been a traumatic experience!

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