“The Impressionists” appreciation post

Complete version of the gif that I’ve had to upload in tumblr in four pieces

Beautiful: photography, acting, script. Apart from the already mentioned conflict with his master in chapter one, I have chosen three Armitage moments in chapter two, which is my favourite:

  1. the above scene, when Monet meets Mme. Hoschedé, performed by the extraordinary Amanda Root that I’ve had the chance to see in BBC’s 1995 “Persuasion” playing the role of Anne Elliot.
  2. the death of Camille Monet. The painter does not interrupt his chase of the moment, lights and colours even in such dramatic circumstances and paints his already dead wife in her deathbead. When Mme. Hoschedé comes into the room Monet is sat, defeated, observing the corpse and then, embarrassed, cries in her arms.

    Monet painting his dead wife
  3. the conflict with Edgard Degas. Monet, drawn by his financial needs, exposes again his pictures in the official salon and not together with the impressionists and Degas attacks him in a denigratory press article, gossiping also about his relationship with Mme. Hoschedé; Monet reacts grasping Degas by the lapels of his jacket and saying with rage “you will not make slanderous comments, in the press, about my private life!” Priceless.

“The Impressionists” is one of the many tv jewels that BBC has given us in the last years. I sincerely hope that Richard should not give up working in BBC series, I will keep my fingers crossed for him to have a part in the second season of “The Hollow Crown”.


8 thoughts on ““The Impressionists” appreciation post

  1. Agree, The Impressionists is a gem, and perhaps what really made me a RA fan. Like you, I hope Richard will stay in UK with a TV project and The Hollow Crown would be perfect.

    1. To me see him in The Hollow Crown would be like a dream. It is such an magnificent series that even apparently small roles are important, as Mowbray on Richard II or Harry Hotspurs in King Herny IV part 1.

    1. We all well-wishers would like him to play Gloucester-Richard III, but as I told you that’s the only role to have an actor. Mr. A. is very fond of the character of Richard III, he’s named after the king himself as he was born the day of the battle of Bosworth, when the king died (August 22nd) and in several interviews have talked about how interested he is in the historical figure of Richard III and that would like to work in a project involving that character. It would be interesting if he plays Buckingham, who has several scenes alone with Gloucester-Richard III

      1. Excellent–he would make a very physically menacing Richard because of his size. And his ability to seduce Lady Anne would make perfect sense. But they’d have to do something to detract from his good looks!

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