Insisting on “The Impressionists”

proctorMonet copyThere is something else in common between “The Impressionists” and “The Crucible” other than their leading man. While studying the credit titles of the series during my second view of it, I couldn’t help smiling when reading the surname of the casting director: Carl Proctor. I find this kind of coincidences very interesting, and something to make you think about; a man called Proctor that has chosen Richard for one of the most interesting roles in his career and, who knows, maybe without Mr. Proctor’s (Carl) choice the Proctor (John) in the Old Vic would be another.

“The Impressionists” is one of that series that you could watch in loop over and over and over and over without getting tired of it. There is always a new detail that grasps my attention: the way Monet touches the ribbon’s of Alice’s parasol, the recognisable belly-laugh out of frame, the glance of unavoidable envy to the rich Degas in the caffé.

The rest of the cast is also awesome, starting from the small appearences. The hateful visitor of the Impressionists’ exhibition, who earns one of the unique “majestically disdainful” glances trademark of Mr. A., is Sebastian Armesto, who surprised me as an ashtonishing Ben Jonson in “Anonymous”. Special mention to Will Keen as Paul Cezanne.

As far as the “Me, Myself & I” tag of the post is concerned, what I thought was a “small flu” was a real one. I really hope to be able to sleep tonight. My throat has the same colour of one impressionist sun during the sunset. My tonsils have grown so much that my doctor said yesterday, while examining me, “you have not swallowed the water-melon”. Therefore, notwithstanding the tropical temperatures, here I am inhaling thyme vapours with the hope of helping my soar throat. The throat thanks the effort but couldn’t care the less and as every afternoon it/she/he is awakening and sending me the usual cough crisis.








Regarding the cat-front: what man could not do, the vacuum-cleaner did. Look what happened this morning while I was making the minimum-indispensable-housework:

United against the vacuum cleaner

 of course, once the emergency big-absurd-noise-provoked-by-human ceased each two of them returned to their respective sides of the apartment.


8 thoughts on “Insisting on “The Impressionists”

  1. I think The Impressionists was what really got Richard under my skin. I agree, I can watch it on loop.
    Feel better soon! 😀

      1. that’s what my doctor told me “dermatitis caused by the fever and stress”. I had the solution at home, a cream with “clobetasolo propionato”, but if you expose the skin under the sun it can leave spots in the face. Not in my case as I practically have not seen the sun in five days

    1. I had to, Linnet. And I needed too, given the amount of medicines she has prescribed me 😦
      Yes, the wicked vacuum-cleaner will strike back, let’s see what will be the kittens strategy about it!

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