Entente cordiale


(the Entente Cordiale) The understanding between Britain and France reached in 1904, forming the basis of Anglo-French cooperation in the First World War. source

The basis of this feline non-aggression-treaty is solid: no human presence allowed. As soon as the human appears, the senior cat, “mamma”, she who is possessed by the spirit of Hannah Thornton, mumbles and hisses a little, as if she had an image to defend. Most of the times, though, our apartment is divided by an invisible Maginot line: this side the new comers, the other side “mamma”. Now she leaves our bedroom every now and then. If the door that divides the apartment is closed, and the newbies are “here”, she even goes to sleep to the couch in the living room, which is considered “neutral territory”, otherwise, if the door is open, she makes another clear externation of her status as “offended part” with a little bit of cat miaowing.

Self portrait
newbies territory – keep off!

The flu seems completely defeated (although I have to take antibiotics four more days); in the meantime I have devoted the time I had left without a head about to explode to compulsory film watching and reading.

I am reading now, for the #th time, Sense and Sensibility, this time I have in my hands the beautiful hardcover edition I bought in London. And, of course, I’ve watched again Ang Lee’s film, with the most absolutely perfect Col. Brandon ever portrayed on screen, Alan Rickman.

Col. Brandon taking a last glance to the room where his beloved Marianne struggles between life and death

The most shocking thing of re-reading the novel has been to realise that Col. Brandon, described by Marianne using this words:

“Colonel Brandon is certainly younger than Mrs. Jennings, but he is old enough to be my father; and if he were ever animated enough to be in love, must have long outlived every sensation of the kind. It is too ridiculous! When is a man to be safe from such wit, if age and infirmity will not protect him?”

… is just thirty-five! I must confess that the sensation of reading that a man almost nine years younger than me is described as a kind of decrepit old geezer is pretty awkward.

I have seen also “The Escape Artist”, with David Tennant. A must-see, most of all if you love thriller-lawyers-clients-stories. It has reminded me a little bit Cape Fear but in this side of the Atlantic.

David Tennant freezing in Edinburgh in the third chapter of “The Escape Artist”

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