Off-line peak plus a below zero inspiration

Clumsy latin cursive exercise: the first lines of Ovid’s metamorphosis

Should someone over there ask him/herself what has happened to me, the title of the post is the answer. It has happened in other occasions: If I’m off-line several days chances are that on returning my use of internet will decrease exponentially. The first days after my English trip (by the way, when inspiration returns I must write a post about lovely Northumberland people) I was distracted with things to do at home (three cats now imply an increase of cleaning up their litters and the mess the young ones leave behind), scrolling the pictures of the trip, my fancy to write in cursive latin and reading. Then, I went back to work and, when office work increases internet rambling decrease; it decreases also due to the fact that things that before the routine-breaking seemed absolutely necessary are not anymore. Starting with tumblr which is absolutely the most time-consuming internet activity of them all. These days I have used Twitter mostly just to check how the subject of our admiration goes with it (and to learn some very great news as the agreement between the Old Vic and Digital Theatre… I will be able to see The Crucible!); according to misspelled hastags and mentions, he’s still not used to it but I am sure that it’s more difficult to learn Proctor’s part than to use Twitter and therefore misspelled hastags will be soon a thing of the past. This weekend has been devoted also to an intensive session of apartment cleaning including the painting of some walls; no, I’m not the Pinturicchio of the situation, hubby is but, as you all know, walls cleaning and painting imply white dust looming everywhere and drops of white paint that according to one of the many laws of Murphy fall one centimeter away from the newspaper sheet placed to avoid that inconvenient.

To cut a long (and meaningless) story short: I’ve been too busy this weekend to be online. I have also watched two chapters of Spooks, two of “The Pacific” (I’m quite enjoying that series), finished a book about the history of Hadrian’s wall, etc. etc. I would have liked to write a few lines of my never ending fanfic but together with the off-line peak my inspiration is below zero. Or at least it was, I have been able to write more than three-hundred words saying absolutely nothing.


7 thoughts on “Off-line peak plus a below zero inspiration

  1. I am totally with you on the reluctance of going back online after a few days away. Every time I am gone for more than a day I have that reaction. I should be away more often *ggg*.
    Looking forward, though, to more about your trip to England. I have never been to that part of the Brit Isles, so I am curious.

    1. I guess that’s how rehab works: distraction with something else. Not someone, there was always a certain presence above 🙂 As when I read that TC was cancelled one night for heavy rain in London while I was enjoying a beautiful Northern weather, or, the fact that in Newcastle’s Waterstones one of the books I chose was about Richard III 🙂
      About Northumberland just one word: you MUST go.

  2. I love your Latin cursive! Very nice! And what wonderful news that the Crucible will be digitized. You definitely made the right decision by going North. Waiting to hear more about it.

    1. Oh thank you!

      It won’t be the same as seeing it live but it will be always at my disposal in the computer, it will be great! I’ve already downloaded one play, “Private lives” with Toby Stephens and Anna Chancelor. A great idea to approach theatre to a wider audience.

      Yes, I’m sure I made the right decision going North.

      1. I saw that play in London! Absolutely loved it. I didn’t know much about Toby Stephens, and then I realized he was the son of Maggie Smith and a famous old stage actor, Robert Stephens. He is very charismatic onstage, and Anna Chancelor is beautiful.

      2. they are awesome. Anna Chancelor played the hideous Bingley sister in P&P with Colin Firth and I’ve seen Toby Stephens in several tv series (I’ve learned recently that he’s Maggie Smith’s son).
        The catalogue of “Digital Theatre” is the most tempting thing since Amazon 😀 they have the Globe’s plays and next ones I will purchase will be undoubtedly King Herny IV parts I and II with Jamie Parker as prince Hal and Roger Allam as Falstaff. I don’t know for how long will I resist temptation. 😉

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