The question I will never make

I thought that I had no question to make for this encounter. I have one now, but chances are that I won’t be able to send it due to Twitter’s character restrictions. Not to talk about even replying to it, it’s something really impossible (well, not quite so, being the answer, in my opinion, a simple “no”). Therefore I will write it here, hoping to find a way to reduce it for tomorrow afternoon. If I can’t… well, I guess I would be able to carry on my shoulders the weight of defeat quite elegantly.

“It is frustrating to see how little has humankind evolved since the Salem trials, in 1647, or since Miller’s wrote “The Crucible”, in 1953.  We all are like Salem’s citizens, pointing our iphones instead of our lies or accusatory fingers. We are even worst than Abigail, hiding our hasty and unfair accusations behind the anonymity of a nickname. Do you think that there is still room for hope? Will ever the infinite Crucibles be something belonging to the past?”


12 thoughts on “The question I will never make

  1. Ooops, thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot that. Hm. Must think something up.
    Really like your question, though – very valid, nice opportunity for RA to shine with his kind-caring-hopeful saintliness 😀 Why don’t you boil it down to “It is frustrating to see how little has humankind evolved since the Salem trials, in 1647. Do you think that there is still room for hope? Will ever the infinite Crucibles be something belonging to the past?”

    1. Thank you guylty! It’s still too long 😦 Tweet should be only 112 characters, as we have to include the mention of old vic account and the hastag AskArmitage… (and we are still better than the man himself in something… we know how hastags work! :D) But I guess I have found it

      @oldvictheatre Humanity has evolved very little. It’s Salem all over. Will someday the infinite Crucibles belong to the past? #AskArmitage

      Thank you!

      1. Sounds good to me. Hope it gets picked! Will we all be glued to Twitter this evening at 5pm GMT *ggg*? Let’s see whose questions are picked by his picky highness 😀

      2. And, frankly speaking, I have more chances to have my twit chosen than to win the lottery 😀
        I have already spent all my Twitter-luck when my ever-ever-forever favourite Spanish writer, who has “only” 878,000 followers, replied to one of my tweets 😀

  2. To me, that’s what people are most likely to miss watching this play — that it’s not about pointing your finger at those intolerant people in charge, but rather that we *are* the intolerant people in charge …

    1. That’s the idea I got reading the play. The “confession” of the girls reminds me something that has happened in a small town near Rome a few years ago. Some nursery school teachers were accused of abusing sexually of some of the boys and girls. A very weird case, accusation based only in the children testimony, very feeble evidences, it all started from one child (rather her mother) and then others “confessed”. I read some of the children confessions… “tell them what happened in school – I don’t remember – Yes, you do, you told me, don’t you remember what you told me the miss did to you?”. Disgusting. Some children even accused a person of taking them with his car to the apartment of one of the teachers… the problem was that the person in question didn’t even had the driving license. The case is under trial and all accusations were rejected by the judge. Sentence is not definitive yet.

  3. Barsine, was it Perez-Reverte? If you don’t mind telling. In any case, that is very exciting! I once tweeted Stephen Fry and was disappointed that he didn’t respond even though he has 7.5 million followers 🙂

    1. Yes he was… big sigh! when he was writing “El Tango de la Guardia Vieja” he connected to Twitter every sunday afternoon and talked about the news or the writing process. He talked about a sex scene he had just written and that supposed a great effort for him because he’s always afraid not to write them well (he! not capable of writing well something!).

      BarsineAR ‏@BarsineAR 11 mar 2012
      @perezreverte En manos poco hábiles las escenas de sexo se reducen a meros tratados de anatomía. Menos mal que sus manos son habilísimas.

      Arturo Pérez-ReverteAccount verificato
      @BarsineAR Ya me lo dirá cuando la lea. Pero gracias por la fé. Con acento.

      I write very few tweets to actors, writers or celebrities. I just do it when I think the tweet has a minimum of wittiness or is not stupid at all as they should receive thousands of stupid tweets. This is my favourite reply I have ever given to an actor (not very famous, I heard him in a small part in Hamlet’s BBC radio drama), and i think he has appreciated it, as he marked it as favourite 🙂

      Michael Shelford ‏@michaelshelford 8 apr
      Can’t seem to eat the last bits of popcorn from a packet without looking like a Neanderthal #popcornonmyface

      @michaelshelford and neither sneeze without closing your eyes #NotSoEvolvedAsWeThought

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