I’ve had some fun today

IMG_2485 copy IMG_2494 copy

IMG_2464 copy

IMG_2473 copy


IMG_2482IMG_2476 copy





5 thoughts on “I’ve had some fun today

    1. The “settembre tiburtino” at Tivoli. There’s a gathering of ancient rome’s historical groups. Unfortunately the battery of my camera abandoned me quite early, that’s why my pics seem a study on soldiers’ capes 😀

      1. Wow, I didn’t realise that there were so many historical re-enactors interested in ancient Rome. I guess it makes sense. Here most of them are interested in the American civil war.

      2. Well, the best re-enactment groups are not Italians, but Germans and French. Unfotunately, another thing we have to thank Mussolini for, is his whim for Roman Empire symbols which has lead to the automatic assumption for brainless people: lover of Ancient Rome = Fascist

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