Always distRActed (in case you doubted it)


Maybe I’m not posting fanarts (this was the last one), writing reviews or comments in the subject of my RAstudies but, nevertheless, a certain Leicester gentleman has settled down in my life. A quiet but constant presence revealed in the books I buy of the things I write. I’m working now in a very small… I don’t know how to call it: scene? ficlet? fanfic? reverie? mixing the man, the stones and the north in about 1.500 words, more or less (Spanish version available in this page). This September is weird; the awkward sensation of losing control of time, of not arriving anywhere, of losing myself in a glass of water (or better the Sicilian Syrah I had with lunch last Saturday). I’m distracted by too many things and I’m afraid I’m the classic example of, as the Spanish proverb says: “aprendiz de todo y maestra de nada” (trainee in everything and master in nothing).



4 thoughts on “Always distRActed (in case you doubted it)

  1. You certainly have an evocative way with a blog entry. “the awkward sensation of losing control of time &etc.” is a knockout of a sentence. Could go for the Syrah too 🙂

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