Coming up in this blog…

Graham McTavish in Chapter 6 of Outlander. My edit of screencap

“The Dougal MacKenzie Enigma”. Unfortunately some reasons prevent me to publish a decent post on the matter this week:

  1. lack of inspiration (it switched off when a certain gentleman switch twitter on while I was online… naughty “boy”)
  2. lack of time (second season of House of Cards starts tonight and I have things to do before 9 pm)
  3. a hoard (a barbarian hoard, rather) of shouting kids playing under my window
  4. Thursday I leave for a long weekend in Spain, to hugh, kiss and cuddle mom.

Maybe when I will be able to write the post I want (at least as long as the one dedicated to Mr. Menzies) I will have one more piece to solve the Dougal MacKenzie Enigma. In the meantime I post this… a good excuse to see Graham McTavish’s majestical pose (great dwarfs pose alike).



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