Like Scarlett in front of a tray of sweets

3721657_stdHubby has told me that, even if he will understand one word out of ten (an optimistic guess), he would like to see a theatre play in London and that next year we could spend a weekend there on that purpose.

I feel like Scarlett O’hara in her honeymoon, when she’s trying to hush the hunger she has suffered during the years of the civil war eating everything the waiter brings.

Preparations begin, I’m following now more than twelve different twitter accounts of London theatres. Therefore, next spring I will go back to London to watch a play and to see the the remains of the Roman amphitheatre (in May I arrived there ten minutes after the closure) and other Londinium sites.

2 thoughts on “Like Scarlett in front of a tray of sweets

  1. How did I miss the amphitheater and the Mithraeum??? I saw the wall at Tower Hill, but clearly there is more. I’ll be waiting eagerly to hear what plays you get to see. Hubby deserves a kiss 🙂

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