Ottobrate romane (Roman Octobers)



7 thoughts on “Ottobrate romane (Roman Octobers)

  1. Gorgeous. I love tight crops like this. Very pleasing composition of the image, too, just the way you framed it, the curve of the building meeting the bottom right corner…
    Well, and not to mention Rome… I’d love to go back, and show it to my daughter who is a fan of all things ancient. Beautiful, Barsine!

    1. Thank you so much, guylty! As my hand is not very steady I had to crop and rotate a little the original image. I love the mix of curves and lines of the Italian Baroque architecture, Rome is full of spots for incredible pictures, I’d love to see the ones you did.

      It will be even better if you all come here, I’d like so much to make the Cicerone for you and your family.

      1. Well done on the post-production then, Barsine!! It works very well. And yes, I’d say that Rome is one big location for photography.
        Unfortunately I have not a single photo of Rome. I was there with my parents at the age of 19 – a present to my graduation. It’s so long ago… I was looking at Groupon the other day and they had a fabulous offer, including flights, for a short trip to Rome. If I wasn’t travelling myself early next year, I would have bought it and taken my daughter along. But it’s a plan that I will put into practice for sure, later.
        What is the Cicerone?

      2. Oh in Italy we use that word, Cicero, as equivalent of tourist guide.
        Sounds definitely better to the freak Ancient Rome in me 🙂
        We will be here waiting for you when you can!

      3. Oh, fabulous. And there I was thinking that a Cicero is some sort of Italian culinary speciality *lol*. My mouth was already watering 😉 But hey, I take you as a guide through Ancient Rome any time. I am a total antiquities and museum freak (although not an expert at all – I just enjoy looking at it). I would love to meet you in any case. There is nothing better than being guided by a local – and to meet a sister in RA!

    1. Oh, you don’t need me as Cicerone, you’ve been in the most exclusive places! 🙂 There behind the angels is where tv journalists make their Vatican chronicles.

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