Waiting for Proctor



Edited screenshot from DT promotion of TC On Screen (X)




7 thoughts on “Waiting for Proctor

    1. I’ve always liked men with “important” noses. Indeed he has the most classical look; such a pity he’s just played the Roman once and many years ago. 😦

      1. James Purefoy was such a perfect Antony that I’m not able to see anyone else playing that part, not even Mr. A!

        I would like so much to see a film or series based on Cassius Chaerea, the praetorian who killed Caligula. He was such an interesting character, fought in Teutoburg forest where the three legions were lost, one of the last “true” romans. I’ve made a quick research and I’ve not found any novel written about him, either. So, if you want to… 😉

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