The Wrath of the Righteous

Richard Armitage as John Proctor – click for source

Several days after Richard Armitage’s tweet, Digital Theatre and CinemaLive have confirmed that The Crucible won’t be released in cinemas in USA and Canada, and that the download will be available in 2015.

I know that the “how does he feel about it” is quite a useless activity, but frankly speaking is almost imposssible for me as well-wisher not to make it given this circumstances. Although download will be available worldwide (the question is “when”? Maybe after the Australian cinema released scheduled for February?), he [allow me the fangirl selfishness, I’m aware that many other people are involved in this project] has been denied the chance to show in cinemas, to an audience of several hundreds of thousands (?) people his best performance so far. And, I suppose that it must be something really frustrating to think that American audience has been able to see his Gary Morris but not his John Proctor. To make a comparison, it is like having composed the most astounding five acts opera but being known for writing advertising jingles.

As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve had the sensation, watching some of his works, that he has always been ten steps above the jobs he was hired in. We all know that showbiz is a hard world, that unfortunately the list of underrated/unfairly unknown actors is huge. Moreover, step by step and working really hard he’s finally been able to show to the Old Vic’s audience what he’s capable of. Therefore, most probably, he has shrugged his shoulders and have given not a second thought to this; if he has not, he has the whole only right to feel the wrath of the righteous.

10 thoughts on “The Wrath of the Righteous

  1. I’d like to think he feels as angry about it as he looks in the photo ;-). But seriously – what a shame. I am lucky as I am getting to see the recording in the cinema soon, and the download will be available in my territory, too. But despite having watched the play in the theatre, I really jumped at the chance of re-watching it in the cinema – not as much for me as for my friends and family. I am simply dying to show them what had me enthralled all summer, to make them see that it was not folly travelling to London three times, but that there was something important and worth-while in that staging of TC. An opportunity lost for the estate of Arthur Miller to bring this major work of literature to a wider circle of appreciators of art. Very very regrettable.

    1. Who knows, maybe a piece of furniture flew somewhere, I would also liked that (as I have a strong tendency to physical outbursts when really p**** off)
      I wish we will be able to watch it in cinemas here in Italy and it is indeed a pity that this happens.
      Fortunately the TC file is not a cheese with an expiring date; as far as I’ve understood the play has been wrapped already and we will have to wait who knows for how long to download it. I understand that they wait for the screening, but I don’t the reason why to advertise it so early.

      1. Oh it’s all about keeping the momentum going. Advertising, marketing – whatever. It’s a pity that we depend so much on that. But well, we’ll have to sit back and wait…

  2. I completely agree. I’m so bummed not to be able to treat my family and friends to such a monumental piece of theatre. I mean yeah, we could all crowd around my little computer monitor at some point… not the same! I agree with you that he has the right to “feel the wrath of the righteous” as you put it, as do the other members of the extraordinary ensemble, and Yael Farber. Don’t know if any of them do feel angry, but I think I would, in their shoes. It really is a shame.

    1. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried it but I run an HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV. The cable is quite reasonable, I spent about $12 on the last one from Amazon. I was able to watch a show from Digital Theatre on my TV – much better than a computer screen.

      1. Thank you for the input! Unfortunately my TV is quite old, therefore, nothing to do 😦

        But my laptop has a quite big screen and the DT plays look wonderful in it

      2. My laptop literally thinks the year is 2052, and it can’t be manually changed back. It won’t run apps or webpages because it thinks the 2014 security certificates are expired. I need tech support but dread those calls! Still, might be worth it if I can get my laptop back in order for the 2015 release, whenever that may be…

  3. I agree it must be very disappointing for all involved to have all of N America excluded from a theater showing of TC. Also, they didn’t say early next year but just 2015. That bothers me because who knows when we will see it.

    You did make an excellent point about it not having an expiration date 😉

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