It’s always a pleasure…

always a pleasureto open the Old Vic website.

This is a weird period, made of sound and fury, laziness and creativity. As the latter involves writing in Spanish it may seem that I’m desaparecida from wordpress or tumblr, but I have made a decision (oh, wow, sounds so “serious”): I must finish the long and neverending fanfic and then work in the Unknown Captain Project. Which will be also in Spanish. I need to focus myself and concentrate, which is quite difficult with the above gentleman distRActing me constantly and amusing me with his tweets. Real food for thought in many senses… Cambridge Online Dictionary is my witness.

Officially distRActed

I must and I should focus. I’m in mezzo del camin della mia vita and, as hubby says always: “When I will be in front of Saint Peter… what the hell would I tell him about what I have done with my life?” Most probably my keyboard ramblings will not lead me anywhere, but I must try. I guess that when preparing the Unknown Captain Project I will clean up the long and neverending fanfic of copyright protected references and loans, I don’t think it will be a Herculean fatigue, although I guess it will be quite difficult to convince anybody that my Marcus Fulvius Aquila was born before I ever knew about the existance of Marcus Flavius Aquila. 

Regarding the laziness, boss is thinking about changing office’s computers. As you see I work with a machine still with XP installed on it, which has also a bug (thank you bloody *****er who created a mal-ad-ware in an apparently innocent program) impossible to delete that delights me with unwanted advertising pages everytime I use Chrome. But the thought of re-installing again all my programs, configurate the machine and so on simply annoys me.

This absurd I’m still alive and kicking post ends with my sincere congratulations for the Stakhanovist of the screen, Mr. Mark Strong.

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