BOFA trailer in big screen (and Interstellar)

I have seen it last Sunday, and, albeit I had already seen the trailer in original version, I have enjoyed the dubbed one in the cinema and big screen (we are condemned in Italy to watch movies dubbed).

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve had the sensation that, for once, Richard’s Italian voice (I know, it’s a sacrilege not to hear him) has been, at least, worked to resemble the original. As said before, it was I think the tenth or eleventh time that I watched the trailer but the emotion was huge: it was the first time that I’ve seen Richard in a big screen and the images are espectacular.

We went to the cinema to watch “Interstellar”, comment with spoilers will follow, but I must be thankful to Mr. Nolan, among other things, to the fact that hubby has disliked so much the movie that he has said: “So, the next one you want to see is The Hobbit? Ok, it can’t be worst than this”.

Interstellar – comment with spoilers included

Contrary to what my husband thinks, I have liked the movie very much. I have not loved it like Inception or the Batman movies, but I have enjoyed most of the almost three hours that I have been in the cinema. In my opinion the first problem of the movie is its length, I would have preferred a smaller introduction of the characters but now, remembering the movie, I find difficult what to “cut”. The chase to the Indian drone through the corn field? It helps to learn how unconfortable Cooper feels as a farmer. Maybe we could learn the same during a conversation in their dusty kitchen but we would have missed those beautiful and powerful images mixed with the inspiring Zimmer’s original score.

Or perhaps all that rather unreliable story of the clandestine NASA; it’s quite absurd that you send several astronauts in different missions to Saturn and “the government” does not realise that someone somewhere launches space rockets. The funny thing is that I have not thought about the “absurdity” of the NASA-plot until I’ve read somewhere that the plot is absurd. Which it is, I can’t deny it.

The part of the space exploration and discovery of the new planets is so beautiful and touching that I guess that during the last part of the movie I was still enjoying the “planets” scenes, and remembering the emotion of the awesome editing of Cooper and Brand’s scape from Doctor Mann’s madness. I would definitely have preferred an ending with Cooper sacrificing himself to save Brand’s life, humankind doomed by their own hands, and to have any other explanation to Murph’s ghost but that of her own father talking to her from a fifth dimension.

As far as Matthew McConaughey’s acting is concerned, I have found it very touching; my favourite scene is when he watches his family messages in the space-ship. His shock on realising that what was for him a few hours spent in a planet were in reality twenty years in the life of his sons. Moments that he would never live with them, that are lost forever, underlined by this absolutely beautiful music.


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