Io! Saturnalia!

Happy Saturnalia everyone. Saturnalia were among the favourite festivities of the Romans, and they had indeed so many of them. Gambling was allowed officially, the slaves exchanged roles with their masters, happiness invaded the streets of the city. We would really need that now; I live here in Rome area since 1998 and this year we have small room for hope. The economic crisis is now deep than ever, we are flooded by taxes…

Beta Smaug and Maggie accompanied me in a crisis of ten minutes inspiration I had yesterday, I was writing and when I lifted my eyes from my laptop there they were.



7 thoughts on “Io! Saturnalia!

      1. That’s good. Was it to be spayed? I always feel sad for them when they come back with the shaved belly and the little zipper across. But they bounce back amazingly fast!

  1. Happy Saturnalia to you too! Your ancient city surely can survive the crisis!

    It has always amazed me that the same person who castrated his father and devoured his children later established this merry holiday, someone who is still considered as the personification of time became the ruler of the Isles of the Blest where the worthy have eternal life. But perhaps there is a difference between Kronos and Saturn I don’t know about.

    The cats are beautiful anyway 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      The only difference I can think about is that one is Greek and the other Roman 😉

      I really hope Rome can do it but latest news are disheartening, a mafia-like organisation in the govern of the city that has stolen millions of euro of public money. All the people should go to the Capitol Hill and repeat Cicero’s words quousque tandem abutere patentia nostra.

      The cats are 100% truly Roman, not provincial like me. 😀

      1. I am sorry to hear about corruption in Rome… Unfortunately, similar things, even much worse, are happening in Russia now. We had tried to sell an apartment in Moscow my wife inherited, but ruble is rapidly declining in value, everything is absolutely unpredictable and we stopped the process just yesterday. Today Putin held his annual press conference, but it was just another portion of xenophobic balderdash. Last year they stole about 90% of the Olympic money, and no one from the government cares about it, then they stole a whole peninsula… and some of them still have great expectations!

      2. I’ve heard about the ruble depreciation in the news 😦

        Olympic games! Gods forbid! The last brilliant idea of the Italian government is to support Rome’s candidature for 2024 games. 😦

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