The things I do for love


For instance, to watch The Hobbit BOFA dubbed and miss a good part of Richard Armitage’s performance. But hubby has beared stoically during all the years that we are together a Turandot, a representation of Othello in English, Coen brothers and Steve McQueen’s films, some chapters of “The Big Bang Theory” and last but not least Interstellar. Next May he will see on stage Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma understanding one out of five words if he’s lucky enough… therefore I will sacrifice my ears myself for the sake of conjugal equality.


5 thoughts on “The things I do for love

  1. Oh, dubbed 😦 Yeah, that *is* missing a great deal of Armitage… But you can get the DVD eventually and watch the original.
    Nice to hear your hubs is open to cultural experiences even if he doesn’t speak English. It is simply just nice to do things together…
    Happy Chrimbo 🙂

    1. Yep 😦 Richard’s voice is unique, it’s such a pity not to hear him. I will when I get the DVD, but on Sunday I will enjoy the 3D and the big screen.

      Hubby likes theatre and knows that the Brits are the best on stage, I’m glad that he overcomes the language barrier to enjoy theatre with me.

      Chrimbo? 😀 Same to you!!!

    1. Indeed he is. I must say, he has enjoyed very much the movie! 🙂 And, even if the original is impossible to imitate, they have done a good work with Richard’s dubbing

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