One Last Time (a small post on Thorinage)




For those of you curious about my husband’s reaction after watching this film: he wants now to watch the two previous Hobbits and even the LODR trilogy. As the old Italian actor Peppino di Filippo repeated in the film “Totò, Peppino e la mala femmina” (Totò, Peppino and the wicked woman): ho detto tutto (I’ve said everything).

Regarding my own reactions, first of all, a confession: I did not cry when Thorin die. I must say that I feel rather shocked and ashamed of myself, given that I am a person with an easy tear in the cinema. I had even a pack of tissues in my lap, but I did not cry. I was moved deeply by Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman’s interpretation of the scene, but my eyes did not water. Shame on me. I wonder if it was due to the fact that Thorin’s death is la crónica de una muerte anunciada, or that the dubbing prevented me to cry.

To be honest, this is the best dubbing I have ever heard of Richard’s voice. The problem is that one of his acting trademarks is his voice; it is impossible to imitate, it’s unique. It’s like trying to imitate the sunrise or the sunset. You can be the skilliest painter in the world, or the best photographer, but you will never be able to render the tiny variations in the atmosphere, the consistency of the air changing as the clouds begin to colour in yellow and red, the imperceptible hissing of the sun hiding behind the sea.

I look forward for the extended DVD version for several reasons; to hear his voice, to watch at least half an hour more of film and to do my usual RW of my favourite scenes. The mad king alone in his broken throne thinking about the deepest vaults where to hide his gold, his doubts about the loyalty of his kinsmendwarfen, the moment when Thorin realises what has become, his ultimate sacrifice, the sad sweet smile before passing away…


21 thoughts on “One Last Time (a small post on Thorinage)

  1. … and the burial scene that we know was filmed but not included in the theatrical cut. I need to see that one. And to do a personal cut of BOFA, deleting all the annoying parts and just concentrating on Dwarves, Bilbo, Gandalf and the wonderful Galadriel.
    But the fact BOFA pushed your husband to see the other Hobbit movies AND LOTR Trilogy is a little miracle in itself and the sign of how deeply BOFA hit him.

    1. I’m quite sure that the burial scene if included would have opened the tap and I’d cry like a baby.
      I need to watch this film once more, I simply need it. I know I’ve missed so many nuances and details.

      1. Yes, my second time was better and the English version is so much better! Richard’s acting uses voice so much that not hearing it you live half the experience. Find an original language screening, if you can! 😉

    2. Burial scene???? There is a burial scene? And they omitted that???? Arrrgh. I am sure that would be the tearjerker for me… Anyhow, I love your idea of a concentrated personal Thorin- fan cut 😀 I’d definitely like one of those…

      1. Yup, I think it’s the one RA referred to while saying he was sorry it didn’t enter the final cut. But there are pics of it on Weta Chronicles V (some pics online and I have the book, so yes) showing Fili, Thorin and Kili in the dark hall of Erebor, with Gandalf, maybe Radagast and Beorn attending. I want the EE soon like, right now?

  2. Great – it’s always wonderful when our nearest and dearest appreciate and like what we like, too. It connects them to us. So I am very glad to hear that your husband has enjoyed the film and wants to see more. Perfect outcome.
    As for not crying at the death scene – no shame in that! After all, it was so expected. We all knew it was coming, so maybe we had all preempted the grief?
    Buon natale to you, Barsine – have a lovely holiday!xx

    1. Merry Christmas also to you Guylty! Indeed it has been a pleasure sharing the experience with him. As it was not seeing him suffering “Interstellar” or “Ten Years Slave” when I was enjoying them 😀

      Yes, I guess that the main reason of the dried eye was to know that the moment would happen. 🙂

  3. So hubby got converted! Yay! He’ll keep you company during long hours of the extended editions marathon. 😀 As for BOTFA, once is definitely not enough. Too many details, too much to focus on. Twice, at least…. And I hope you can catch the original version in its full un-dubbed glory!

    1. Oh, I don’t know if he was driven mostly by the emotion of the moment, let’s see if he suggests during this holidays a “Hobbit evening” 😀

      Indeed I was watching the movie with what I call “performance anxiety”, I wanted to grab as many details as possible but I was afraid of missing a good part of them.

  4. Aww that is sweet and crossing fingers here you get to enjoy the OV soon 🙂 It adds another layer 🙂 And no worries i didn’t cry at that precise moment later, the loss took some time to hit me i guess when i saw the others feeling the loss and then i couldn’t stop 😉

    Looking forward to the EE as well and that scene in particular.
    Merry Christmas too 🙂

    1. Merry Christmas to you also!

      As I watch mainly films in DVD or downloaded to watch a film without the chance of RW and watch my favourite scenes again is weird. I’m sure it adds more than one layer, several of them! That burial scene would have made me cry a river, I’m sure of that.

  5. “Chronicle of a death foretold”–I love your way with a quotation, Barsine 🙂 I think you did not cry because it was the wrong voice and too distracting. When you see the DVD you will surely sob like a baby! Especially if they include the burial scene.
    I have been enjoying the Voice on “Clarissa.” I am up to Episode 2 now and my heavens, isn’t he a delicious villain! I think I must write a blog post about this show.

    1. Oooohhhh I look forward to read that post! Feel free to use the fragments I have uploaded in soundcloud ( you will find them in my Twitter).
      Thank you for your comment

  6. I hope you can see BOTFA soon with original voices. There is just something about his voice hmmm…. I didn’t cry either but I think it was because everyone had said I would and because I knew it was coming. I was very touched by the scene with Thorin and Bilbo. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  7. OoOOoooo a Thorin fan as well ! For me, the worst (which actually means “best”) cinema death scene in more than a decade. What tipped me over was Bilbo’s keening, rocking grief. And I assume you have since seen the funeral scene ….?

    1. Oh, yes I’ve seen both the final and the extended cut of that movie. What can I say? Thorin’s death scene was simply perfect, both actors did an amazing work.

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