eMotion Picture (The Fall – 2006)

The Fall2 The Fall15 The Fall14 The Fall13 The Fall28 The Fall27 The Fall26 The Fall25 The Fall24 The Fall23 The Fall22 The Fall21 The Fall20 The Fall19 The Fall18 The Fall17 The Fall16 The Fall12 The Fall11 The Fall10 The Fall9 The Fall8 The Fall7 The Fall6 The Fall5 The Fall4 The Fall3Several screenshots from one of the most beautiful films I have seen in my life (honestly). A rare and precious gem of cinematography. A beautiful craziness shot in half the world; the Spanish windmill in the screenshot appear less than two seconds in the movie. According to the DVD credits, this film has been filmed in South Africa, United Kingdom, India, Italy, Spain, China, Fiji, Bali, Prague, Romania, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt and Camboia.


The story may seem simple: a Romenian little girl called Alexandria (the amazing Catinca Untaru) meets in the hospital where she’s recovering from the fall of a tree when she was picking oranges with her family, a young stuntman called Roy (Lee Pace). Roy tells little Alexandria a short story about Alexander the Great, and then he promises to tell her another one, as he calls it, an epic tale of love and revenge. Roy becomes a modern Sherezade but, instead of telling stories to live, he tells them to die. He uses his story telling to convince Alexandria to bring him as many morphine pills as she can, because he wants to commit suicide. The stunt that brought him to the hospital and that deprived him of the use of his legs was made to impress his former girl friend that has left him for the star of the movie.

The love of Alexandria and her tragic story (her father was killed during a racist riot) will make Roy change the end of his epic and of his own story; she will literally save Roy’s life.

Lee Pace plays two roles in one; his portrait of the body and soul broken Roy is played in a flawless and touching way, the perfect father figure for Catinca Untaru.

The Fall29

The character of “the bandit”, the protagonist of the story he tells Alexandria, has a scent about him of the romantic melancholic hero.

The Fall30

The Fall31

This is one of those films that you can watch over, and over, and over again discovering always a new detail. The surrealist dreamlike world created by director Tarsem to represent the story Roy tells Alexandria is surrealist like a Dali’s painting.

The Fall32


12 thoughts on “eMotion Picture (The Fall – 2006)

    1. Indeed, if it wasn’t for you I would have missed this incredible piece of art, thank you!!!!!

      Tells a lot about how movie/cinema industry works, this would have deserved a lot of awards and a big box office result and it didn’t get neither 😦

    1. Definitely is one of those works of art (books, films, etc) that deserve to be praised and advertised mouth-to-mouth to as many people as possible.

      Yes, Roy was a complete surprise, I’ve read a little bit about the movie, Tarsem found Catrinca in a school in Rumania, she really didn’t know a word of English before being involved in the film!

      The Italian DVD, as usual, had no extra contents, I will buy as soon as I can the bluray edition with extras and Tarsem’s comments.

  1. Thank you very much for posting this! I am going to borrow the film from Netflix right away! (Just a little bit tired of classic noir I’ve been watching lately :))

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