I used to have a blog but I forgot…

… fortunately the sweet tree has nominated me for the Liebster Award. The problem is that, as always happens with internet chains, they have a very short life with me. I’m the best chain breaker in the western hemisphere, most of all due to the fact that I follow very little blogs, and those RA have been already nominated. I am also, as you have noticed, very inconstant regarding online activities. I am unable to find a balance between the obsessive including the inability to switch-off even when I sleep to the “What? Twitter? WordPress?Tumblr? please don’t”. 

Tree’s nomination is a very good excuse to try to come back online. Therefore here there are my answers to her questions. Thank you very much again tree for thinking on me.

1. Richard Armitage Beard, Stubble, Freshly Shaven?  (Important question from Obscura 😉 )

Beard. Definitely

2. Favorite premiere outfit with description or photo:

I have a problem here, as I am not very fond of fashion. Thanks to his presence in several red carpets throughout the world in the last months I have been able to realise also that I don’t like this season male fashion. Not at all. We have to consider also that, as Mother Nature has been so generous with Mr. Armitage, he is gorgeous even with Proctor’s prision pyjamas.

But as I have been asked a question here it is my answer: the one in Peter Jackson’s walk of fame ceremony. This pic also makes me laugh because of the johnstrandian expression in his face. Priceless.

Dec 2014 LA
Sorry, I saved this pic without noting where I have downloaded it from. 😦

3. How long have you been a fan of Richard Armitage?

A year. I’m practically a baby.

4. Would you consider yourself a serious, middle of the road or casual fan?

Middle or neither fish nor flesh.

5. Favorite Richard Armitage photo shoot:

Photographer Matt Holyoak – 2011 (thanks micra for reminding me the source)

(no additional comment needed)

6. Lucas North or John Porter?

John Porter. The reason? This scene

vlcsnap-2014-10-19-17h40m00s250 vlcsnap-2014-10-19-17h39m24s124

7. Favorite RA fantasy vacation:

I’m not quite sure if I have understood the question. For instance a RA-Thorin drinking Piña Colada under a palm near the beach enjoying a holiday in a luxury resort paid with Erebor’s gold because at the end of BOFA Thorin did not die?

8. A kindness you’ve done/received from a fellow fan: (Great question from Jollytr)

Just one? I have been so lucky this year. I have received many well-wishers kindnesses but I have to mention the first unexpected one. The Crucible poster.

Gift from the kind Jane


9. Favorite (in character, any character) screen shot:


No comments needed even in this case

10. Role you would love to see Richard play:

I have written it sooooo many times that I guess that I am boring: Ulysses. He has the perfect age and looks to portray Ulysses on his return to Ithaca.


11. Favorite male and female co-star:

I have not understood if we are talking about fantasy casting or real projects but I assume we are talking about reality. As far as male co-star Brendan Coyle’s Nicholas Higgins in North and South.

vlcsnap-2015-01-15-20h19m37s91And female: Hermione Norris as Ross Myers in Spooks. They had chemistry even when they talked by the phone.


Tree deserved a better post for her kindness, but this is the best I can for the time being. Thanks once more!!!!


12 thoughts on “I used to have a blog but I forgot…

  1. I second you on this year (well, last year) men fashion and I like WoF suit. Perhaps I like even more the Apple-Hero Complex Panels one.
    And Higgins… yes. My fave parts in N&S are Thornton and Higgins.

    1. Thank you! Indeed not my cup of tea the current men’s fashion. But I have to admit that must be really difficult for a designer to create something “new” with men clothes. Brendan Coyle is a great actor and I love his Mr. Bates’ in Downton Abbey.

  2. I love reading these quizzes – because I learn about the respondent, and as a bonus there is all this RA goodness thrown in. I am also totally delighted to see you mention Jane’s kindness in here. That was such a brilliant idea of hers… baci xx

    1. thank you guylty! Indeed this quizzes are fun. And they are helpful for the distRActed neither fish nor flesh fan in me to watch again some files and rise my sigh’o’meter several points. 🙂

      Jane rules, full stop. 🙂

  3. Great answers – I’m with you on Thorin’s beach holidays! Also, Higgins and Ros. Two fantastic actors, palpable chemistry, interesting relationship between characters – give me more! I hope to see RA work with both of them again.

    1. This morning I was thinking again on a rasta-Thorin under the palm tree and I could not help myself laughing. 😀

      Yes, I’d love also to see both Hermione and Brendan working with him again. 🙂

  4. This was an awesome post! Thank you so much for doing it 😀

    I love your answers, I am with you on Higgins and Ros. Excellent answer to the vacation dilemma! It’s funny when you make up the question it seems so clear but you are right it’s confusing. You solved it by answering both versions of the question with one answer 😉

  5. I like your favorite photo shoot, with the beard. I have grown fond of the beard and think it makes him look very Odyssean! Also agree that he and Brendan Coyle were great together 🙂

    1. Yes, he has also some kind of Roman gravitas in that photo shoot. Indeed I used one of the pictures of that session for this:


      Yes, great co-workers. I’ve opened twitter and I’ve found Brendan Coyle in the advertisement of a movie that will be aired tonight in an Italian tv channel; he plays the nazist with Kenneth Brannagh in a film called “Conspiracy”. I hope to see it. 🙂

      1. Brendan is great! Another brilliant Celt (technically English, but with Irish dad and Scots mother). As for the Roman gravitas, I can definitely see it. I’d like to see RA in a Roman role, but like you, I can’t help visualizing him as an ancient Greek! Maybe it’s that beard.

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