Annabel is an old friend of mine

Just a quick note. I talked of E.A.Poe’s Annabel Lee in Linnet’s blog in the comments of her post of last July. The conversation followed in an e-mail devoted to fantasy casting. The e-mail had as subject “Two Martinis Productions presents Annabel Lee”. This was my reverie after the above comments (if you watch the above video clip you will understand what I mean when talking of white and black angels):

Believe it or not, I won’t give Mr. A the part of Poe-The Lover. The film in my head is made with two very young adults Annabel and Poe, Abigail Breslin as Annabel and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Poe, for instance
But, I could not leave Mr. A with a part, what do you think about Mr. A as Annabel‘s father and Mr. H as Poe’s father? With a double role for each one, Mr. A also the white angel and Mr. H the black angel.
Both characters would have different personalities; the story would be developed from the point of view of the angels playing chess using the lovers and the families as pieces. Mr. A the white angel in earth is a surly wicked person while on the contrary Mr. H, the black angel is a nice man who adores his only son, the late fruit of his happy but tragic marriage
Mr. A’s wife would be Rebecca Hall (I just adore her and I would DIE if I see her acting with Mr. A), and Mr. H’s someone fragile and ethereal… who would you cast?
(Linnet suggested Audrey Tatou as Mr. Hinds’ wife)

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