Digital Theatre wants to know…

… my reactions to “The Crucible”, but I guess it would be better if I talk about my husband’s reactions.

The day I received this, thanks to the generosity of our fellow fan Jane helped by Guylty my husband’s reactions were everything but enthusiastic.

It is known that Elizabeta is fond of him....
Right now Beta is as big as the poster… time flies!

Fortunately, with time, he saw that the fellow was not very intrusive, as my time devoted to RA studies did not collide with our own (God bless the siesta). Then little by little he even get used to him and he even enjoyed BOFA, watched the previous Hobbits and agreed with me that we will wait for the extended version to buy the DVD.

When we attended the Crucible screening in the cinema his face was not of a husband crying for help, even if he understood little, he even enjoyed it.

Some weeks later the downloaded Digital Theatre copy arrived home and after several days THIS has happened.

but not only that has happened, he has asked me for an mp3 version of the play, addresses the cats at home rising his forefinger imitating his favourite actor in the play, Harry Attwell…

Screenshot 2015-03-30 17.36.54
Mr. Putnam having an animated chat with John Proctor. Screenshot from my DT library

… and, last but not least, he’s sent me today whatsapp messages (with his new Proctor avatar) of TC rehearsals. Poor soul, he thinks that I have never seen them, maybe.

Right now, a new world of opportunities open in front of me: to see Urban and Sleepwalker in the cinema (if they will ever would be distributed in Italy, of course), not to talk of Pilgrimage or… who knows, being part of the audience in a future Farber-Armitage project? That would be a good excuse to visit NY. In one thing I will be inflexible and ummovable: I won’t let hubby to borrow my badge!


11 thoughts on “Digital Theatre wants to know…

  1. well, that must be a dream come true 🙂 hubby totally sharing your passion 🙂 as long as he doesn’t start fighting you over RA memorabilia all is good ;-))

    1. Indeed, I’m so glad to share the Crucible “experience” with him. He’s just great, consider the language barrier! But that’s the magic of theatre and of a performance as incredible as of the whole Crucible ensemble. All people involved should be proud of the result of a work so well done.

  2. LOL, I love this, Barsine! There we go, even a hubby can be convinced of the Armitage’s worth and salt as an actor. Let him believe you have never seen those stills and egg him on… win-win.

    1. Welcome back to the blog and this side of the world, Guylty! 🙂
      Hubby maybe was a little jealous at the beginning, but he’s also fair. He acknowledged already last December watching BOFA that Richard is a great actor and he has enjoyed Richard’s performance in The Crucible a lot.
      Honestly speaking, as I’m a very distRActed well wisher I must confess that I had not seen one of the rehearsal pics he’s sent me today, I guess because Richard wasn’t in. 🙂

  3. That is fantastic!! That’s wonderful that you can share a mutual appreciation for RA… will make things easier in the long run! My Hubby said he’d travel with me next time RA is in a play, too… he really liked The Crucible as well, even if he does tease me occasionally. “Poor soul, he thinks that I have never seen them, maybe.” So funny!

    1. I’m sure he wanted to surprise me, I really appreciate his kindness.

      I remind you that the sweet little feline has earned like a badge of honour the nickname of “Smaug”, as a prove, the about 50 CDs she threw down while trying to catch and unidentified “anything” at 5 am of a Saturday. 🙂

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