Brief Encounter (1945)



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Alec: Forgive me for everything. For meeting you in the first place, for taking the piece of grit out of your eye, for loving you, for bringing you so much misery.

Laura: I’ll forgive you if you’ll forgive me



5 thoughts on “Brief Encounter (1945)

    1. It was chosen at the end of the 90’s as the second best British film ever. Indeed it is a masterpiece, made of four basic ingredients: David Lean’s direction, Noel Coward’s writing, Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard’s performance (not to forget the secondary characters) and the beautiful Rachmaninov’s piano concert nr. 2. Without any of these, the film would have not been the same, and indeed none of the many versions made afterwards have been a success. Not even BBC Radio Drama, my one and only big deception as far as their radio dramas are concerned.

      I long for you to watch it and write a post about it.

      As far as Trevor Howard is concerned, should a biopic on his life be made (he has a rather interesting biography) Jamie Parker must play his part:

      Parker Howard

      1. You’re right–it is a striking resemblance! It is hard for me to imagine the conjunction of David Lean and Noel Coward with Rachmaninov. All the more intriguing…
        BTW I have a treat coming up, a post about “The Fall” which you inspired me to watch 🙂

      2. That was the first scene of Trevor Howard and I couldn’t help shouting: “No! He’s Jamie Parker!” (or rather, the other way round). Believe me, that movie without Rachmaninov’s music wouldn’t be the same.
        Oh, I’m so glad! I long to read it!!!!!!

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