Sonnet 66

sonnet 66

To be intellectually honest, when declaring which is our favourite Shakespeare sonnet we should have read all of them. I have not. But yesterday I read some of them and liked this one very much. It seemed written for John Proctor.


5 thoughts on “Sonnet 66

  1. There is a German scholar who adores this sonnet. It’s a great choice. The rhetorical build is pure Shakespeare. The repetition of tired with all these on 1st and 13th lines. the 7 deadly sins antithesis in the argument.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I was scrolling my Oxford Shakespeare, I wanted to read some sonnets and I could not get my eyes out of the 66. My favourite line is “And simple truth miscalled simplicity”; is it possible to say so many things with only five words? I wonder if anybody has composed a song or a musical piece based on it.

  2. This one is amazing, as you say, for the economy with which he conveys so much in each line. My favorite is 55, where he talks about his legacy as a poet: Not marble, nor the gilded monuments/ of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme.

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