Curtain call

IMG_3840Back from the most beautiful trip I have ever had. It surpassed my best expectations. I hope to be able to write in the next days several posts about my “London weekend” but I must say that this was a life-changing experience.




14 thoughts on “Curtain call

    1. Thank you Guylty! I will upload more pictures, of course. Hubby has made the best of them, including a clandestine video of the best part of Mr. Pryce’s performance in The Globe (well, the video shows only the back of the gentleman sitting in front of him, but the audio is good 😀 )and the whole curtain call in the National Theatre.

      I shot this in The Globe… with my apologies to all English speakers 😀

  1. I have never been to the Globe, so it was lovely to see your video. It captures the excitement one feels before a show starts. But I can tell that it is especially vivid in that theatre. The circular shape gives it a peculiar intimacy.
    Anxious to hear more about the trip! It even surpasses Hadrian’s Wall???

    1. Indeed when I clicked the “send” button I thought: “oh, I forgot Hadrian’s Wall trip!” 😀 With these two trips I’ve made true a couple of dreams. Both trips were perfect. And indeed when I sat there inside the Globe I felt a knot in my throat.

      What I absolutely adore about the Globe is the eye-to-eye contact with the actors, as we the audience are not hidden “in the dark”. I guess it’s the same in a on-the-round play. the thrill of an actor reciting staring at you cannot be compared with anything else. I have also liked very much the National Theatre play, but it was a different kind of thrill. Although I also had on me Mr. Fiennes’ glance for a second, when he left the theatre with his backpack and walked near us. 🙂

      1. Yes, I noticed that the Globe actors like to make eye contact with the audience when they came to NYC. We had a conventional theatre for Twelfth Night and Richard III, but they were onstage beforehand making that connection with the audience, and also to some extent during the show. It’s a kind of magic. Mark Rylance looked at us and smiled (all dressed up in his Olivia costume, and indeed already in character) and it’s something I will never forget, the sweetness of that smile.

      2. oh yes the Globe is special! when my knees are happy my favourite place to be is sideways standing leaning on the actual stage 🙂 And yes they not only look at you but often interact 🙂 I’ll never forget the Henry V when guys in the audience were actually cheering after Henry’s speech. i love it, i think very often it is exactly like nearly 500 years ago in Shakespeare’s time 🙂 The pit draws all kinds of people, i remember (tho i wasn’t there for that performance) Tom Cruise came to stand in the pit for one of the Henry Y performances to see Jamie Parker from close up 🙂 And he’s not the only one, many actors love to go see plays at the Globe too.
        (if i could have 1 wish you know what it would be 😉 )
        And many actors love that close contact, for others it is quite frightening 😉

        And yesss Mark Rylance as Olivia was amazing 🙂 Love seeing him at the Globe 🙂
        Speaking of which i need to get some more tickets booked for this season!

      3. Oh, I know where you mean, I went there to take a pic of the stage during the break. 🙂 Indeed one of the funniest parts in the Merchant is when Launcelot takes two members of the audience to play the part of his good and evil conscience. LOL!!!
        Mark Rylance talked about the interaction with the audience from the actor’s point of view in his Muse of Fire interview
        Indeed the experience in the Globe can’t be compared with any other as audience. My favourite Lorenzo’s lines in The Merchant are, “in such a night…” and these
        “The man that hath no music in himself,
        Nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds,
        Is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils.” – well, to have in front of me the actor, Ben Lamb, watching me and telling me these verses… wow.
        But also the silence of the audience is overwhelming in the Globe. When Jonathan Pryce as Shylock left the stage after the trial, it was impossible to hear even a breath. The silence was deafening, we were all in awe.

      4. I’ve bought the Henry V DVD in the Globe’s giftshop, I have already seen it… Jaime Parker makes such an amazing performance! He’s just great; his performance was so powerful that hubby wants to be a groundling next time we go. 🙂

        I’ve read in twitter that he makes also cabaret shows in small clubs with his friend Samuel Barnett. That would be definitely something to see!

      5. Yes and he is extremely good at it. Just saw him as Mike in High Society at the Old Vic last night and right this minute I’m on my way with a friend to see him do a cabaret show at St James theatre 🙂

      6. yes i can only agree, more people should see it that way too, it was a wonderful afternoon! 🙂 i absolutely love to listen to him sing!

    1. We had a rather busy weekend: Guildhall Gallery & Roman Amphiteatre, Museum of London, National Portrait Gallery, Globe Theatre, Tate Britain, National Theatre, Hyde Park… And I enjoyed them all!

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