Hyde Park May 4th 2015

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Spring Monday morning after a weekend in winter.



5 thoughts on “Hyde Park May 4th 2015

  1. That’s a place I didn’t get to see, but I fell in love with some other London parks (St James, Regent’s), so it’s on my list for next time. And Hampstead Heath too. Your photos are great, especially that first one. I can never get enough water features 🙂

    1. Thank you linnet!

      One of the things that fascinates me of Great Britain is the neverendless quantity of shades of… green. 😉 I’ve not seen the whole Hyde Park, I’ve left the Kensington gardens side. I’ve been several times in St. James’s Park but I don’t kow Regent’s. I’d have to visit Vauxhall, if only to see with my eyes what I’ve heard in Georgette Hayer’s audiobooks.
      To cut a long story short… there will be always places left to see of that amazing city!

      1. It is interesting about the parks. My tourist guide had very little to say about them, and yet for me they were one of the city’s best attractions.

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