Man and Superman – National Theatre (May 3rd 2015)

Coming up (I still don’t know when) in this blog my sensations about this play. As appetizer a couple of videos from the National Theatre channel and the curtain call from our seats, up there “in hell with the English”.


4 thoughts on “Man and Superman – National Theatre (May 3rd 2015)

  1. A balance of comedy and philosophy–this is very attractive to me. And Ralph Fiennes. So charismatic, and good at comedy, as I observed in “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” I almost fell off my chair watching “The Clash of the Titans” when I realized that he was “Hades.” He outclassed the other performers and rose above the material. Seeing him onstage must be a singular experience. He is something of a modern Olivier, in fact.
    Also: lovely to see Indira Varma, a “Rome” alumna who is also in “Game of Thrones”!

    1. Indira Varma is quite busy in London stages lately. I follow London theatres accounts for a year and she’s always working. She’s very very good.
      The comic verve of Mr. Fiennes is amazing, and indeed he’s definitely worth seeing on stage 🙂

      1. i sososos loved the play and him in it, i thought he was the perfect choice as he has the comic timing down to a T, the charms to still be able to pull of Don Juan, everything suave and witty that i associate with him but also the depth and intelligence as an actor to pull of the philosophical part convincingly.
        I was so grateful they included the act in hell, it really pulled it all together. Wish i had not been travelling to be able to see it in cinema again.
        Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! I was totally enchanted! 🙂 Looking forward to him being nominated for the next year’s Oliviers for this 😉

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