pilgrimage_stillIt takes this picture to make this very-distRActed well-wisher in lethargy jump in the chair. Of all the yet unseen Richard Armitage projects, Pilgrimage is the one that, on the paper, interests me more. I love period and historical dramas, historical novels, and so on. The more far-away in time take me my reveries, the better, and oh, my, this is exactly what I’m talking about. I prefer not to know much about a tv series or film before watching it, I always make my research backwards, as I prefer to have the first watch as free of preconceptions as possible. Pilgrimage is not an exception. I have not made a deep study of the sources and I’ve just followed some twitter accounts of a couple of actors involved. But, even if some of them have been generous with behind the scenes pics, Richard Armitage look as the Norman knight Raymond de Merville was sorrounded by mistery. Until now.

It seems that indeed, size fits with this authentical chainmail I saw in the Museum of London. Now, if you allow me, I go sighing elsewhere.


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