Some more postcards from Valencia

San Juan del Hospital
Catedral de Valencia – cimborrio
Catedral de Valencia – Puerta románica
San Juan del Hospital
Street Art

WP_20150629_006 WP_20150629_005

7 thoughts on “Some more postcards from Valencia

    1. My skin doesn’t permit more than three hours a day under the sun, so I made some city seeing/strolling. I had never been in that old romanic church that reminded me of certain knight. The name of the church couldn’t be other than San Juan (Saint John) 🙂

  1. The interior of the cathedral is soaring, stunning! LOL about three hours of sunlight. For me it’s more like three minutes 🙂 When in the Mediterranean I have to wear a hat 100% of the time.

    1. Well, three hours with a total block sun cream 🙂
      Yes, I like so much the “cimborrio” of the cathedral, is made with alabaster, and the effect is stunning. such a pity there was no light enough in the altar to take a picture of these angels. They’re so beautiful, they were painted during the renaissance and were covered in Baroque times. Fortunately they were not destroyed

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