Open letter to a “stultus”

STULTUS (latin): foolish, fatuous, stupid, ill-considered.

This afternoon I was in the subway coming back home. After watching a very beautiful video about a bike trip through the States, I’ve scrolled twitter and I saw a tweet that left me breathless. And pissed me off very, very, very, much. A fellow RA fan posted in her Twitter account a screenshot of season 3 chapter 2 of Hannibal. First I thought that there was something wrong in my glasses when I realised that I was not wearing them. Then, that the beauty of the landscapes that I had just seen in my phone had provoked a weird collateral effect in my mind and I could not focus (literally).

What was what I saw? Botticelli’s Spring censored. The breasts, buttocks and genitals of the female figures, blurred. That image hurts me so much that I will not even post it, enjoy the original:

I will not make an statement about the absurdity to censor the human body in a show dealing with serial killers that eat their victims, my indignation goes beyond that, let’s say, minor incoherence. It’s the gesture that awakens the sans culotte in me.

Dear stultus (I think the latin word is the most appropiate in this case), let me tell you something: your ignorance is so abnormal, huge, gargantuant (go and find a dictionary, you moron), that cannot be summarized in a post, not even in three million. THAT is ART, with capital letters, not porn. I assume that according to your bigotry, documentaries about the Vatican Museums should be broadcasted in the adult channel or at 3 am, or completely blurred from the beginning to the end. You maybe even felt outraged when you saw in tv someone in the East destroying some sculptures. I will tell you something: you are just LIKE THEM.

And now… censor this.

Or this


6 thoughts on “Open letter to a “stultus”

    1. It was broadcasted blurred and the fan made a screenshot of the blurred horror. Hannibal is broadcasted (still) by NBC but I guess she saw it in Sky Atlantic, or something like that.

      1. That’s quite mysterious, but I’ve seen it before, an openness to violence together with prudishness about sexuality and the body. It permeates the ratings systems for movies and TV.

  1. There’s even more than that. Apple asked me if I was > 17 years old when I bought a Leonardo’s drawings App. Because you know, anatomic drawings are REAL porn. Blurring a masterpiece because you can have a glimpse of “forbidden” anatomic details is simply beyond the conceivable. Especially when the masterpiece has nothing offending or disturbing. Just “plain” beauty.
    These people must have big, big issues.

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