Lucas-John and London beauty

lastI was to write another word after “London”, but google would bring quite a few people devoted to some recreational activities that have very little to do with this blog.

I bought the DVD’s of Spooks season 9… Last year. In December 2014, more precisely. The DVDs lingered for months without even opening the plastic wrap; I preferred to watch other things, hear radio dramas and audiobooks, watch the last Hobbit film twice, read a little… Every time I found a good excuse not to see it. I’ve needed about a month to watch it, but finally I did it.

I am glad that Richard Armitage’s career made an incredible quality jump after this, with the exception of something dealing with water, that I have seen… a complete waste of time, never of money (I never consider it when I purchase original dvds, even in that case). As talking of the faults of Spooks season 9 is something quite easy (can we talk about the bullet that kills Maya? The most improbable trajectory in the history of tv and cinema), let’s focus on the positive ones: Richard Armitage’s interpretation (a typical example of what being above the script means) and London, the guest star of the series.

vlcsnap-2015-07-25-20h30m43s227 vlcsnap-2015-07-25-20h31m51s119

4 thoughts on “Lucas-John and London beauty

  1. As much as the landmarks, I always appreciated the street scenes. Apparently when they filmed a lot of them, they didn’t apply for permits to film or clear the streets at all, they just went out and filmed as it was, and so it’s a real “slice of [posh] London life,” I find.

    1. Indeed I have noticed that most of all in the scenes in Victoria or St Pancrass’ stations, the faces of people passing by during the chasings were priceless 🙂

  2. London is a star, I agree. And certainly stars in Spooks. Even only as a (more or less regular) tourist/visitor in London, I find that I recognize places that I have seen in the show. (They should actually make “Spooks Sightseeing Tours” in London…)

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