Good intentions

IMG_4429I’m a procrastinator, sometimes lazy (depending on circumstances), and I usually have a hundred different plans that I never put in practice. As unfortunately I have not the budget to repeat last year’s trip to Northumberland, I have decided to use these holidays to put order in my books. I have two libraries at home; I need to buy another one and, in the meantime, the “small” one needed and urgent intervention. I’ve filled two plastic bags with useless stuff that was parked there because I didn’t bother to throw it away and finally it has the look of a library. check this out for a BEFORE and AFTER confrontation

I have a dedicated shelf now for part of my books about ancient Rome, with three stones collected in Castelgandolfo’s lake which probably formed part of a Roman Villa some centuries ago.


My Pérez-Revertes are together, in good company of other Spanish writers…

… and in the “International Shelf” there’s still place for a couple more.

11 thoughts on “Good intentions

    1. Well, not stricltly by language. The first with books related with Ancient Rome, the second my Borgia books plus Spanish ones, and the third Italian and English/American mixed. The other two for mixed stuff, computer CD’s and books. The big revolution will arrive when I’ll have the new library and I will organise the rest (most of them, these are just about 30% of them). i still have to find it, though 🙂

    1. I read it some years ago, and also Mona Lisa Cyberpunk. I preferred Pattern Recognition, to see some internet dymaics I know quite well (I’m a forum user since late 1990’s) made me smile. I have almost forgotten it, I must re-read it.

    1. I had not noticed about the red predominance of the roman books but you’re right! Obvious choice of colour when dealing with Rome, I guess. Talking about “Rome”, I’m rewatching the HBO series since chapter one, every afternoon. DVDs had such amount of extra material, including interactive information about historical facts, religion, uses and so on. Mr. H. was so amazing as Caesar. What about the scene in the chapter Farsalus when returns from the final battle against Pompey? Wow.

      Yes, I’ve liked the book… although I’ve forgotten completely 😦 I definitely have an issue remembering books.

      1. Oh yes. I think he is the best Caesar ever, in spite of his full head of hair 🙂 I first saw “Rome” before I was a fan, but I remember feeling let down after Caesar died, because I liked that actor so much! I love the Egyptian scenes, especially when he performs the death rites for Pompey.

      2. Mr. H has more hair, definitely! 🙂 I love also his scenes with Tobias Menzies-Brutus. I really hope HBO organises something next year for the 10th anniversary, would be great

      3. Oh, that’s a great idea! There should be some sort of Rome fan convention–in Rome, of course! With a reunion of the actors. With a side visit to Tivoli for Cocktails in the Canopus 🙂

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