As my period of complete and absolute lack of inspiration continues and I’m afraid it will last for long, I’ve thought that a good “excuse” to keep my blog alive was to post several pictures of my trip to Berlin (who knows why, ehem) on August 2012. This was a special trip, the first one to a place different of Spain after my dad’s illness. I enjoyed every minute of it, we walked a lot, ate a lot, enjoyed the city a lot. As you may have noticed my favourite spot of the city was Gendarmenmarkt Platz. We visited also Spandau and it was also a trip that touched me emotionally. I will never forget the statues at the porch of Walter Gropius House,  left untouched after 1945.



6 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Oh, I recognise many places there. Berlin is a fabulous place. For most of my life I had refused to go to Berlin – and then it took me until 2010 to make my first visit. A vibrant city, young, diverse, ugly in parts, but exciting. The last time I was there in the summer of 2014, for the World Cup final. And I am going again, next February, to visit my friend D__ and to reminisce a bit about a certain premiere. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, G, and happy Christmas to you!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Guylty. What I like very much of Berlin is that it is so many different cities in a single one. Our hotel was in the East side (the Circus Hotel, I just adored it) and it seemed that when we went to Gendarmenmarkt Platz we changed country, not only city. It’s a young city, vital, it’s ugly indeed in some parts, but it pulses, it gives energy and it’s full of memorable spots. Enjoy your next visit, I hope to be able to come back soon and Merry Christmas to you also!

    1. Thank you linnet. As usual, the official photographer of the trip was hubby 🙂 The statue forms part of a fountain near di Fersehturm, in Alexanderplatz. The view of the bridge is from the bars near the river and the East Side Gallery. We were only less than four days in Berlin, but we walked it a lot as the blisters in my feet could testify!

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