Back from another dimension


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCE: the hereby undersigned procrastinator general is a little bit less of a procrastinator now.

About three years after starting to write what was supposed to be a fan fiction (a spin-off of a Spanish tv series located [mine spin-off] in Rome during the times of emperor Trajan) I can definitely say that I have finished it. It has become a file of about 297 pages and 47.000 words that has very little things to do (apart from some general outlines and the name of a couple of characters) with the original series.

Finally, as the Earl of Oxford said in “Anonymous”, the voices have hushed up. It has been a beautiful experience but I can say now that I’m back from another dimension. In order to write the word “FIN” in it I’ve had to isolate myself from everything else, starting with Internet, with the exception of a few tweets every now and then. What has been more difficult to endure has been not to read anything for a month, nor to watch any tv series. But I had to do it, otherwise I’d be still on page 200 dreaming every now and then my recurrent dream: having a test the day after and not having studied a word for it. My problem being that I get distracted very easily (who knows why).

Now, my two beta readers will re-read the whole text from beginning to end, make more corrections and suggestions and I guess by the autumn it will finally be a printed book. I’ll pay a very limited edition for family and friends; in the meantime, it is available here in this link

12 thoughts on “Back from another dimension

  1. Wow – congratulations, Barsine. Finishing a piece of writing of that length is quite an achievement. And yes, the internet is such a distraction!!!

      1. Oh yes, me too! Have made it as far as chapter 13 – and now space on my smartphone has run out. Need to delete previous chapters and move the next ones onto it… It’s absolutely brilliant – says the audiobook-hater.

      2. He’s the best narrator ever. I usually get bored very easily with audiobooks (on the contrary, I love radio dramas) but he has such an amount and variety of voices that it’s impossible to get bored!

      3. Exactly. He doesn’t just read, he really acts the book. That’s a very specific skill, and he is extremely good at it.

  2. So that’s what you’ve been up to! An excellent use of your time 🙂 Congratulations! I don’t suppose there’s any hope for a translation, LOL?

    1. I have a very limited budget (a translation is not included) and, in the last year I’ve learnt that I can only write decent fiction in Spanish, sorry 🙂

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