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Oh, Mercédés, I have uttered your name with the sigh of melancholy, with the groan of sorrow, with the last effort of despair; I have uttered it when frozen with cold, crouched on the straw in my dungeon; I have uttered it, consumed with heat, rolling on the stone floor of my prison. Mercédès, I must revenge myself, for I suffered fourteen years — fourteen years I wept, I cursed; now I tell you, Mercédès, I must revenge myself

Alexandre Dumas – The count of Monte Cristo

Blake Dante Hell V.jpg
By William BlakeUnknown, Public Domain,

‘Have you known what it is to have your father starve to death in your absence?’ cried Monte Cristo, thrusting his hands into his hair; ‘have you seen the woman you loved giving her hand to your rival, while you were perishing at the bottom of a dungeon?’

‘No’, interrupted Mercédès, ‘but I have seen him whom I loved on the point of murdering my son.’

Alexandre Dumas – The count of Monte Cristo


3 thoughts on “Mercédès

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’ve seen the film, both in theatre and at home in DVD. Tim spall makes an excellent work, I’ve enjoyed very much the scene with the young lady playing the piano and both singing Purcell’s Dido’s Lament. I think the film is lavishingly beautiful, and the actresses playing with Spall sublime.

      1. I agree, the women who played his lovers were amazing. I saw a couple of his paintings when I was in NYC recently, and they have quite an impact!

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