Thus bad begins and (I pray that) worse remains behind

Francisco de Goya – Duelo a garrotazos (Museo del Prado)

Today, for the third time in my life I’ve been reading the news in front of the pc with incredulity. The first was on Sept. 11Th 2001, the second on March 21st 2004.

This morning, while I was discussing Brexit with a colleague at work, and I was scrolling the headlines, the last one being that Milan stock exchange had to close temporarily due to heavy looses, my boss walked in the room with his (typical) I’m-so-learned-and-important smile in his face, and said that “he was happy of Brexit because it’d be a way for Germany to loose the leadership in the EU”. Maybe I over-reacted but I shouted WHAT????? First of all because I think that the last favourite sport in Southern Europe “accuse Germany of all the evils of the world since the bubonic peast on” irritates me and reminds me the reaction of the envious in front of the successful. Maybe sometimes they’re not the most agreeable people in the world when telling the ugly truths but if the country that has overcome the economic debacle of two world wars lost and the annexation of a nation in default tells you that there’s something wrong in the way you deal with your national economy, maybe, perhaps, they are not completely wrong. But anyway, what really drove me crazy of that comment was that notwithstanding the tragic situation he “was glad”. I answered “oh, well, we will all be very glad, dancing and playing the violin on the Titanic while it sinks”. Because this is what really saddens me, and makes me angry, and fills my eyes with tears when I think about it. The truth, the fuc**ing really sad truth is that we have not learned the lesson, not even after two world wars, not even after million of people dead, not even after all the good things that a peaceful coexistence of the European countries for the first time for more than sixty years have brought to all its citizens.

And also, and moreover, what hurts me deeply inside is that the reasons argued by those who promoted the Brexit were a bunch of lies. And they don’t even feel embarrassed to declare so in tv in front of millions of people. Not even a little blush when insulting the memory of a murdered woman

2 thoughts on “Thus bad begins and (I pray that) worse remains behind

  1. I think the vote will have consequences the “Leave” voters did not intend. And the younger people who wanted to “Remain” will have to live with them.

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