Henry V goes undercover for the SWP… — dicklefenwick

Socialism needs a little touch of Harry in these benighted times. In the summer of 2012, when the world came to London and patriotic fervour was at full whack in the UK, I had the vivid experience of walking onto the stage of Shakespeare’s Globe, in front of a crowd as diverse and international as […]

via Henry V goes undercover for the SWP… — dicklefenwick

A brilliant post by British actor Jamie Parker about what’s left to the Left. The same can be applied to other Lefts in Europe (see the Spanish elections as friendly reminder; although the many cases of corruption related with the party of the current PM the Right still gets the majority of the votes). The future of liberal/left parties is based on their ability to regain those values that have been willingly snubbed and therefore conceded to the Conservatives.

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